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I Love Yoga. I believe that If you are human and breathing, you can practice and benefit from yoga. I also believe that as children and adults all across the world continue to learn and regularly practice yoga, the human race will evolve more fully in the direction of cooperation, unity and love.

Life is not always smooth or easy. Like humans do, I have experienced the pain of fear, anger, grief, anxiety, confusion and insecurity. But what I cherish about the practice is that it is always available and always brings me back to the present through connecting with my body and breath. By slowing down and paying attention, our individual practice allows us to get to know ourselves and our habitual patterns so that we can transform negative impulses into positive, thinking and action, resulting in a feeling of confidence, calm and joy.

As I return to the practice day after day, year after year, an expansive sense of happiness, connection and gratitude for the teachings well up in me. The path of yoga is challenging, exhilarating, humbling, not to mention fun and immeasurably rewarding. Through yoga I become stronger, more calm, more grounded, more resilient and more empathetic. You can too.

Nature is my greatest inspiration – the miraculous cycle of creation, existence and transformation. Along with yoga, I study Ayurveda, the ancient health system of India. Ayurveda is a sister science of yoga that creates harmony in body, mind and spirit by taking balancing foods, herbs and spices, and cooperating with the fundamental laws of nature, of which we are a part. So I incorporate the principles of Ayurveda in my teaching as another tool to increase mental and physical health and equilibrium.

Gardening and cooking healthy, delicious food from clean, local, organic ingredients is another one of my skills and passions.

And, Music and dancing are two other great loves that keep me grounded and happy… music well-written and well-played, music that gets my body moving, the music of crickets, frogs and birds through night into morning… and the music of the breath as it passes through the present, marking each moment with the spirit of life.

~  Namaste  ~


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