The art of Yoga is rooted in India but has spread throughout the world and is accessible to every person of every age, regardless of cultural background, religion, personality or body type. Yoga benefits our bodies in so many ways!

Yoga as Prevention

Yoga prevents and moderates illness by eliminating toxins from the body and strengthening overall immunity. Consistent practice cultivates self-awareness, self-respect and a strong body and mind.

Practicing yoga, especially from an early age, greatly reduces one’s chance of developing conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, addiction, eating disorders and many other issues.

Yoga Internally Supports:

  • circulation and cardiovascular endurance
  • respiratory health
  • strong immune system
  • joint strength and mobility
  • digestive function
  • hormonal balance
  • sound sleep

Yoga Improves:

  • posture, for a healthy back and neck
  • core strength and balance
  • grace and flexibility
  • energy and vibrancy
  • metabolism for a healthy weight

Yoga Increases:

  • feelings of confidence and calm
  • mental focus and concentration
  • a relaxed and positive attitude
  • self-acceptance

Yoga is Healing

Specific, individualized yoga practices work to heal specific injuries as well as manage symptoms of chronic issues.