Essence of Yoga

Monday Evenings
06:30 PM – 07:45 PM
The Yoga and Massage Center :: 515 N. College Rd., Greensboro, NC 27410

This class is designed for students and yoga teachers who want to deepen their understanding of the practice of yoga, develop greater awareness of their physical and mental processes and feel confident in their ability to work safely in any style of yoga practice, including an individual home practice. Classes include sun salutations, opening/closing mantras, pranayama practice, and study of Pataljali’s yoga sutras.

Class Sequences are taught in 8-week sessions…

Weeks 1-3 are alignment-based classes that cover the preparations and postures of a fundamental yoga sequence.

Week 4 is a focus on restorative, pranayama and meditation practices.

Week 5 is an instructor-led rhythmic, mindful vinyasa.
Week 6 & 7  is back to alignment working on more advanced postures, particularly inversions.

Final Week 8 is open practice with a given sequence or you can choose your own. You practice at your own pace, modifying as needed, with the rest of the group. Jen is available to help with sequencing, adjustments and questions. Group meditation on a particular theme rounds out this session.

Support and resources given through email, google drive and phone.

Sequences include Foundations Sequence (based on the Mother Sequence), the Ashtanga Primary & Intermediate Series’, PrasarittaPada (Legs Wide), Parivritta (Twisting), Viparita (Backbending), Parsva (Lateral Stretching), and Balance Sequences designed by Jen.

$60 month (5-week expiration) or $20 drop-in.


WiseWomen Yoga

Monday Evenings
5:00PM – 06:15 PM
The Yoga and Massage Center :: 515 N. College Rd., Greensboro, NC 27410

For women over 40, this is a lighthearted and supportive environment for women to share, laugh and enjoy each other’s company while developing balance, strength, flexibility and a positive mindset. Practices are designed to facilitate well-being at all stages of life.

Through a less demanding approach to the yoga poses, or asanas, this class teaches body awareness and correct alignment while increasing range of motion and encouraging meditative relaxation through proper breathing. Vigorous poses are held for a shorter amount of time while restorative poses using yoga props such as blocks, straps, and blankets for comfort and ease are held longer.

$60 month (5-week expiration) or $20 drop-in.


Children’s Yoga (Ages 7-12)

Thursday Afternoons
4:00PM – 5:15 PM  (Please contact Jennifer for Location)

Children are enthusiastic about discovering how things work in the world and in themselves.

In this class, children develop community during tea time talks as well as concentration, calm and confidence through learning sun salutations and other postures, games, mantras and meditation, and age-appropriate breathing techniques. Children interested in this class are required to have at least one private lesson before joining class.

We also discuss general anatomy and physiological functions of the human body while keeping the pace active and the poses safe and beneficial, but challenging…. Full of energy and imagination, this age group still loves games, stories and singing to accompany practice.

We begin to partner in the poses thereby learning to communicate clearly and be sensitive to the needs of the other person.

We learn about the history of yoga – including the Sanskrit names for the poses – and basic yoga philosophy, including “ahimsa” – not-harming, “saucha” – cleanliess, and “tapas” – self-control.

$60 month or $20 drop-in.


Classes with Jennifer at the Club at Green Valley

Regular classes taught by Jennifer at the Club.

Wednesday mornings 9:45am – 10:45am

Thursday evenings 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Click here to check the Club schedule for other options, as the schedule sometimes changes.

Guest passes $20.