Monday Morning Detox Broth

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Monday Morning Detox Broth

My body was telling me this weekend that it was feeling fatigued and run down. My stomach felt funny and my eyes felt sleepy. After taking a Sunday hike, I cam home and napped for 3 hours. Then went back to sleep 4 hours later and slept another 9!


At times like these, I know my body needs some extra nourishment and perhaps a break from solid food, so I put together a nourishing detox broth that helps flush the liver, boost immunity and hydrate from the inside out.

You can pick and choose your ingredients depending on what is in season, what you have access to, and what flavors you like. Be sure to include root vegetables, winter squash, & greens for the myriad vitamins and minerals they provide, ginger to stimulate the digestive fire, dried seaweed for it’s iron, iodine and antioxidant properties, and shitake mushrooms to boost immunity.

Here are a list of ingredients I used this morning:

1 stalk celery

1 carrot

1 turnip

4 brussels’ sprouts

2 handfuls spinach

1 handful beet greens

1 handful cilantro

1/2 c. butternut squash

several garlic cloves cut in half

1 inch piece ginger

1 tablespoon arame seaweed

1 handfull dried shitake mushrooms

1 tablespoon black peppercorns

2 tsp. cumin seeds and coriander seeds

Simmer for about 1 hour in 3 or so quarts of water, then strain and sip throughout the day.

Drinking this delicious and simple broth will support your body’s effort to keep all systems functioning optimally. If you are trying to lose weight, it’s a healthy snack as way to keep your tummy feeling full without turning to common go-to’s like crackers or coffee that are also easy and filling with far fewer health benefits.

Sipping homemade vegetable broth throughout the day also keeps you warm during the cold wither days, and can help cure minor respiratory and digestive issues.

Love, Light and Leela!