Essence of Yoga: Fundamentals of The 8-limbed Path

Alignment-based, vinyasa class covering the foundations of a healthy yoga practice. We will use the fundamental Tristana method of the Ashtanga yoga system – breath, posture, dristi – and apply it to well-rounded postural sequences that include pranayama and mantra. This simple and straightforward class will encourage and support consistent practice at all levels.  Register Here… 

1 month $60

Yoga for Children

GrowYoga Kids explore yoga poses, breathing exercises, nutritional health, human anatomy, visual imagery, and relaxation techniques while conveying lessons in self-confidence, body image, social skills, positive thinking, and environmental awareness. As maturity and understanding develops, we learn about specific anatomy and physiological functions of the human body while keeping an active pace and the poses challenging….

Full of energy and imagination, older children still love games, stories and music to accompany practice. We partner in the poses thereby learning to communicate clearly and be sensitive to the needs of someone else. Sanskrit words and names of the postures are taught as well as brief lessons about the basic history and philosophy of yoga.

Foot-washing, tea talks and nutritious snacks are part of our practice as well.

$15 per class

WiseWomen Yoga (Ages 40+)

This class is for women to get together in a supportive group setting to share, laugh and enjoy each other’s company while developing balance, strength, flexibility and a positive mindset. Through a less demanding approach to the yoga poses, or asanas, this class teaches body awareness and correct alignment while increasing range of motion and encouraging meditative relaxation through proper breathing. Vigorous poses are held for a shorter amount of time while restorative poses using yoga props such as blocks, straps, and blankets for comfort and ease are held longer.

$65 per month

Families and Friends Yoga Classes (Ages 6+)

This 4 week class series is intended to allow children (age 6+) and their parents or special friends (age 16+) to learn and practice yoga together. A wonderful opportunity to learn with each other in an environment that fosters trust, nurturing and fun so that yoga can extend from the studio into everyday life. Contact Jen if you would like to organize a class.

2-person group  $120 //   4-person group  $180

Yoga Mixed Levels

Designed to meet the needs of many individuals, these classes take place by invitation at Jen’s home Grow Yoga Together or for members and guests at The Club at Green Valley. We start with a warming vinyasa practice often including Sun Salutations. Students are taught how to use props to facilitate ease and proper alignment in the postures and are encouraged to choose variations of poses that best suit them at the time of practice – sometimes less challenging, sometimes more.  Experience with yoga is helpful but not necessary to enjoy the benefits of strength, flexibility, concentration, relaxation and personal attention these classes offer.