The Advantage of Private Yoga Classes…

Traditionally, instruction in yoga was passed from teacher to student in a one-on-one setting. In private lessons or small group instruction, customized yoga lessons are designed to support the health and specific goals of the individual, family or special group for optimal benefit.

Private lessons save time by coordinating with your schedule and choice of location and provide more personalized attention. 

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What you can expect…

Whether you are healing from a specific injury, looking for tools to moderate symptoms of a chronic condition, or simply developing a home yoga practice, working with a trained and experienced teacher one-on-one can help you reach specific goals that will allow you to function optimally throughout your day. As the student-teacher relationship is based on communication, confidentiality, and respect, a high level of trust and mutual cooperation is developed. Follow-up support in the form of hand-outs, email correspondence and audio/video instruction serves to support learning and practice.

For Beginners…

Making changes and being consistent can be challenging with all the demands of modern life. By working together one-on-one we can establish a personal program that will aid you in establishing healthy routines and goals which supports overall well-being and joyful living. Thai Yoga Massage may be a part of this practice as well.

Healing Yoga…

While practicing yoga in itself provides many curative benefits, there are specific methods that can help you recover from illness/injury, manage chronic conditions, or minimize specific, personal imbalances (ie. physical, nutritional or learning issues). The integrative qualities of yoga are a valuable aid to minimizing pain and other symptoms while bolstering mental, physical and spiritual equanimity.

For the Experienced …

For those who have studied yoga for some time and want to deepen their practice and understanding. By working one-on-one you can refine your asana practice and/or develop more advanced aspects of yoga like pranayama, meditation, and yogic philosophy that will enhance your relationship with yourself and others.

Individual Instruction for Adults 

1 person single lesson or initial assessment  –  75 minutes   $85

      4 – lesson package $280  ($70 per lesson)

Travel fee $15 per lesson for IN-HOME instruction.


Private and Family Group Instruction is available upon request. Please inquire to discuss fees.