• Thai Yoga is healing in that it is an integrated body/energy experience.
  • Thai Yoga feels good in that the person receiving the massage is safe in a pleasant environment, is fully clothed, lying on a warm, comfortable mat and listening to beautiful music or the sounds of nature.
  • Thai Yoga warms, loosens and nourishes the joints of the body through gentle to moderate manipulation and stretching in a variety of different ways – forward bending, backward bending, lying on the side, twisting, sitting upright and sometimes being inverted.
  • Thai uses systematic, rhythmic pressure sequences along the energy (“SEN”) lines of the body to stimulate flow of prana, vital energy, chi… These Sen lines are compared to the Nadis in the Ayurvedic tradition of India.
  • Thai brings about a feeling well-being and peace as the practitioner aids in the release of “bad air/ bad space/ low vibration/ ‘stuck’ energy” (dukha) and encourages entry of “good air/ good space/ high vibration/ freely flowing energy” (sukha) by meditating on thoughts, phrases and feelings of loving-kindness.

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Fees for THAI YOGA with Jen…   60 min – 120 min.    $75 – $150